Rare's World
  • Rare's World

    Artist Statement

    Rare's World is a book of Art created from the mind, body, and soul. A combination of poetry and photography in one. Covering topics of life lessons, a sprinkle of affirmations and photos that showcase beauty in black excellence.  Rare is a multifaceted creative, who currently focuses on poetry, photography, and film. In her new project – Rare’s World – she shares an array of poetry from her adolescence age till present, alongside photos that reflect on experiences. The book covers life, as she has experienced it, growing up in Toronto.

    Rare’s poems are a story of resilience through a journey to healing, closure, and eventually seeing herself in a positive light. The photos are visual representations of her influences and how she envisions her world. The aesthetics build on black and red primarily, with a theme of royalty and growth throughout the book, depicted by crowns and roses. To create the project, Rare committed to a team of all black creatives and professionals to make it happen. Rare’s World is the tangible product of Black Excellence.