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Royal Bankrolls loves working with brands and organizations to archive their goals.


Dayana Stanislaus

Model - Actress - Host

Mentoring Guru. The one thing that I admire the most and made me to choose her services was her passion and dedication towards her services. She has the right potential and the quality of what a successful mentor should have. If she sees that you're that person who is thriving to move forward with your business and dreams; she will make sure you get there. She made me who I am today in social media. I had less knowledge about media platforms like YouTube where, now I have boosted my organic followers in less than one year and also has a talk show on a YouTube TV channel that Royal Bankrolls helped me produce.  This proves her ability to be a great mentor and to choose her work with no second thoughts.

Service Provided:

Business Development Services

Michael Sikal

Graphic Designing Business

Royal BankRolls is wonderful to do business with, and to be a part of. They were very helpful with giving great feedback on how I should implement ideas, and provided advice on what would be an improvement during the work process. Some things that I used to shy away from at times, but what they told me served as a reminder and now I don't shy away from said things. Sitting down and having discussions was a great experience, and they were always on the look out for new opportunities for me. If you are a small business in much need of growth, and inspiration, I highly recommend contacting them. Later on, hired as a staff. Glad to be a part of the team!

Service Provided:


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