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About The CEO

Natalie "Rare" chattargoon is a born and raised Toronto creative Specializing in photography, poetry and content creation. Using various platforms to provide safe spaces for storytelling.


Projects have been featured in a number of publications and campaigns, including Young Voices Magazine and Vogue Italy.


"I love Branching out to new adventures in the media industry & Community Development projects".


My motto is "The World is yours".


Royal Bankrolls focus is Making visions come true and telling realistic stories.


The journey includes a vibrant view on youth and women empowerment to build better communities.


Learn, inspire and grow.

Team Bio's


Mike Sikal

Graphic Designer

Certified in Visual and Digital Arts programs. I have a dream to make comic books one day. Skills in graphite, pushing for the realism, ink and color. As well as Adobe Programs.  "You continue to reach, you continue to soar. " -  info@mscreative.ca


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